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A simple health check from the PC Vet could highlight many of the common illnesses that may be causing you and your PC to suffer.

It is a fact of life that:

  • Many computers become slower and more unstable the older they get.
  • Instructions and help guides are not always as helpful as they could be.

A consultation with the PC Vet would include the following diagnostic subjects:

What type of problem are you having with your computer?
Maybe you are struggling to get the required results from your word processor or not sure how to e-mail a family photograph to Aunty Ethel in Australia. On the other hand maybe your computer constantly displays blue error screens and turns itself off when you least expect it.
A solution can always be found no matter what the problem may be.
When did the problem first occur?
Maybe the problem has only arisen since you installed a new application or downloaded a file from the internet. This type of problem can often be easily resolved by restoring your machine to an earlier time before the problem arose.
What could be the root cause of the problem?
Some software applications can cause havoc if not properly installed or deleted. On the other hand maybe you have a tired and weary component that is getting old and would be better off being humanely put to sleep.
What is the simplest and most cost effective way to resolve the problem?
On many occasions what at first appears to be a major problem can sometimes be resolved by providing simple help and guidance that will allow you to solve the problem yourself.
Can the problem be resolved without expensive component replacement?
In many cases there is no need for expensive components having to be replaced. A variety of simple operations can be undertaken that will clean up and re-organize your entire file system and restore your machine to it's former glory.

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